Crossroads Music Series music

1st Saturday in October, 2nd Saturday Nov-June Performances at 8PM   Doors at 7:30

Crossroads Music Series, N. Andover, MA 

Crossroads Music Series
190 Academy Road
North Andover,  MA 01845

A wonderful sounding room  (180-200 seat capacity) that can rock and be truly intimate at the same time. Great for those that like to appreciate music without the extraneous noises from the typical bar setting (although there is no alcohol allowed, if you find yourself in the munchy way, there are fabulous homemade desserts, good coffee and teas plus easy parking.


Next Live Mixing show 

Crossroads Music Series 190 Academy Rd. N. Andover, MA 01845

Saturday June 8,  8PM:

willie j laws band

rocking Texas Soul

Most shows for season are on 2nd Saturday of month through June but check website.


Live Sound Mixes

Crossroads 2022-23 Season Samples


Crossroads 2019-20 Season Samples


Crossroads 2018-19 Season Samples



Crossroads 2017-18 Season Samples


Crossroads 2016-17 Season Samples


Crossroads 2015-16 Season Samples

Nov 2015    Monster - Moody Street Sound and
Nov 2015    Tamashek - Big Blue World
Dec 2015    Sunburst - Quentin Callewaert
Dec 2015    Alison's Wedding - Stephen Bennett
Jan 2016    Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers
Feb 2016    Squeezebox Stompers
Mar 2016    Laurie Sargent - ain't nothin' like a tractor
Mar 2016    Chris Smither - momma's song


Crossroads 2014-15  Season Samples

Oct 2014     Hot Day At The Zoo   Cumberland Blues
Nov 2014    Patty Larkin                    A Good Thing
Dec 2014    Patrick Coman Band  Rock When I Roll
Jan 2015     Session Americana     Hay Session
Mar 2015    Roomful of Blues
Apr 2015     Adam Ezra Band
May 2015   Jason Spooner Band and Sarah Borges Band
June 2015  Los Sugar Kings

Crossroads 2013-14 Season Samples

Oct 2013 Girls, Guns & Glory
Nov 2013 Girls Night Out
Dec 2013 Catie Curtis
Jan 2014 Lydia Warren
Feb 2014 Evan Goodrow
March 2014 Ellis Paul
April 2014 Big Blue World

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  1. I enjoyed some of these recordings very much. I actually sat in on some of these with my old guitar and jammed along with the computer speakers. Thanks for that. Happy New Year !! JP

    1. ” I actually sat in on some of these with my old guitar and jammed along with the computer speakers.”

      how cool is that!

      and a Healthy new year to you and all.

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