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Recording/Engineering available for in-house studio, remote location or live sound. Record using Logic.

Ha! no such thing. Everything is negotiable

Lost Cassette found 40 years later!
Til Tuesday/Aimee Mann debut show with The Dark headlining The Channel 3/18/83


Next Live Mixing show 

Crossroads Music Series 190 Academy Rd. N. Andover, MA 01845

Saturday Sept 7,  8PM:

stay tuned


Studio/Live  ACTIVITY


Stanley Jordan Trio
with Wes Worth on Bass and Kenwood Dennard on Drums

fireseed art studios framingham, ma 7/14/24


Willie J Laws band 6/8/24 crossroads music series

opening of 1st set 60% board mix, 40% stereo mic mix  located 35′ from stage

Current Studio /2024


working on a children’s record:


Big Blue World working on some new material


Maria Frattura & Keith Kirkpatrick  –  Born To Be Blue



Live/Crossroads Music Series 2023/2024


recorded at mix position 35ft from stage with two mics in DIN stereo configuration

PRE 2024

Conor OBrien – World Grooves Meets Cinema – (Mix/Mastering)

Mixing & Mastering – a late night radio setlist


Back before streaming the closest thing was free-form FM radio DJs doing their own unique musical exploration for each show, especially the late night/overnight slots (10pm -6am). They might play non-stop before breaking in and telling you what you had been listening to for the past 45 minutes to an hour.
So I have had some ‘extra’ time on my hands over the past 12 months and used some of that to create my own set list from the band Big Blue World’s material that we were in the midst of recording before things all shut down.

Good for driving, working, dosing…

Mudville Madrigal Singers

10 Voice a cappella group,  5 women, 5 men

Afro-Beat Malian grooves

Original tracks recorded in Mali by IJA band – youth from the Institute for the Blind in Bamako, capital of Mali in Western Africa. Tracks were mixed here at this studio



Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno – TIPONA  – Music from Kenya
mixing and mastering



Not quite Studio activity , but, after 8 months, finally got to do live sound again in a large field surrounded by trees at the Whip Poor Will Festival 2020 on Sat Sept 19. Just to get air moving from a PA was a thrill! Plus the surrounding trees added wonderful dispersion/reflections. Future Blue and Truffle played all afternoon on a beautiful sunny day. Plenty of space for everyone, but almost felt “normal”. So good to feel.
recording is mostly ORTF stereo mics at board location (60 ft from stage) with individual tracks mixed in as needed.

Record/Mix – recorded live in studio  – 70s jazz exploratory

Remix – pop/R&B


Remix – proto EDM/80s synths

Doug Forman – Beautiful Girls – (mixing) Boston Rock & Roll





During the height of the lockdowns in 2020-2021  after too much boredom i started placing posts in the Musician’s  Section of Craigslists from “non major” market areas such as Dubuque, MN or Yellow Knife, Yukon Territory offering to mix, remix or master anything anyone wanted. Everyone was a winner. I got to mix new material and they got a “finished” product that they otherwise would not normally obtain. Here are some of what came across the interwebs to me.

Romantic Pop – Charleston SC – Mastering

Rock – Worthington MN – Mix & Master

Ambient – Raleigh, NC Mastering from the original compressed m4a file/16 bit

Rap – Pensacola, FL  – Mix & Master , original files were 2 compressed m4a files, one for the beats, the other for the vocal

“you have given me new perspective on my delivery ..I really enjoyed listening to what you did different…”


Americana – Mix and Master  in a Tom Waits meets John Prine kind of way.. (Raleigh, NC)

Urban – Mix & Master (Nashville, TN)


Country – Mix and Master

Country, with that turn of phrase we all know on the car radio..
.. HAHA, I said “radio”. How quaint. (North Carolina)


Pop – Mastered

Pop, with that turn of phrase we all enjoy (N. CA)

 Novelty – Mastered






Gabrielle Agachiko   jazz vocal with 3 piece horn section all recorded live in studio

Ila MaWaNa   reggae/popbop (recording/mixing/production)

(pretty cool after dosing and stretching out…)

Sitting Ducks – 3 piece Blues/Rock


Jazz/Fusion – Recorded/mixed

Bed & Breakfast – Steve Cardoza

High Cascades – Steve Cardoza



And Now For Something Completely Different..

For meditation,  massage,  coming down, spaaa


Shakuhachi , Digeridoo , Monochord and, Koto – the monochord and koto were part of one, single instrument with the monochord on one side and the koto on the other

I played the monochord and Koto and recorded it in Marin, CA  in the 1990s.  And am sorry to say that I have forgotten the names of the the two musicians who played the Shakuhachi and the Digeridoo.



Snort – math rock (mastering only)

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