Old & New Dreams jonathan swifts 6-8-82

Old and New Dreams

– Dewey Redmond, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry


–wonderfully grooving jazz                June 8, 1982

recorded at Jonathan Swifts Nightclub in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA where I was house sound for 5 years from 1978-1983. It was a basement club with 250 capacity (that was often ignored), with a long narrow room and low cement ceilings. With such a wide variety of acts coming through there, it was a great place to cut my teeth doing live sound.

The recordings were done using the Sony MC-939 M/S stereo mic taped to the ceiling in the left/center of the room at the mixing board location half way back in the room and recorded onto a Sony Walkman Pro cassette deck.



For a FAR more detailed intro to this wonderful, if short-lived band, check out:



Given the virus lockdown, I have had some Time on my hands. So, I “remastered” the show and have kept both versions here.

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  1. Hi Jeff. I’ve been a fan of these guys since the Ornette days. When the Black Saint recording came out I was ecstatic. Still listening and collecting. Is there a download link I missed? I see the stream link.

    1. I’ll email you a link. Let me know what version of the mastering you would prefer; the original or the 2020 version?

    2. Hello, this is fantastic! I stumbled onto this site via a link comment on an Ethan Iverson Twitter thread all about Old & New Dreams, quite possibly my favourite ever band. And so it’s wonderful to discover there’s more recordings of their music. I saw them play just once at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London. Would it be possible to get a download of these recordings?

  2. Hello, I’ve sent you an email from your site here concerning a Roy Buchanan show at Jonathan’s sometime in Oct or Nov of 1979. Your help greatly appreciated. David

      1. yah, I remember that show but do not have any recordings. I wish I did. And so many more shows too!

  3. Thanks for loading Old & New Dreams @ Jonathan Swift’s. I have loved this band from theit first album with ECM, and have all their other s recordings with ECM and Black Saint. I also found 2 or three other bootleg concerts from 1978-1979. This is a very welcomed addition to their painfully limited discography. Thanks!

  4. this is really great.. for those listening to this for the first time – check out their previous recordings.. i think there are 2 cds out ‘playing’ and i forget the other one.. actually there are probably a bunch more too.. i have another one – ‘a tribute to ed blackwell’ which is the same line up as well from black saint – 1990.. recording was done in 87 – florida..

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