Archive Recordings

Liberation – a rocking gospel band recorded in the Mass. Corrections Facilities, Shirley, MA 1981?

Old and New Dreams – Dewey Redmond, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry – wonderfully grooving jazz                June 8, 1982

recorded at Jonathan Swifts Nightclub in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA where I was house sound for 5 years from 1978-1983. It was a basement club with 250 capacity (that was often ignored), with a long narrow room and low cement ceilings. With such a wide variety of acts coming through there, it was a great place to cut my teeth doing live sound.

The recordings were done using the Sony MC-939 M/S stereo mic taped to the ceiling in the left/center of the room at the mixing board location half way back in the room and recorded onto a Sony Walkman Pro cassette deck.


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  1. Jeff Chitouras! Just found this website. Brought back so many memories from late 70’s/early 80’s, WMFO, Grateful Dead marathons, Swift’s, etc. My daughter is attending Tufts now, and she’s DJ’ing at 91.5. Very cool of you to put some of this stuff up on the web. Hope all is well. Steve McConnell

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