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Recording/Engineering available for in-house studio, remote location or live sound. Prefer to record at 96/24 using Logic.

Ha! no such thing. Everything is negotiable

CURRENT LIVE SOUND –  2nd Saturday Oct-June
Crossroads Music Series, N. Andover, MA

Next Show

Hopefully Oct 2020 for new season start.  Hopefully.

All shows for season are on 2nd Saturday of month through June





Big Blue World new material. recorded live, no headphones, Bose L1 PA in room for lead vocal

(quite…nice… 45 min after taking your favorite psychedelic…just sayin’…)
believe :


Mixed – Country

Country, with that turn of phrase we all know on the car radio..
.. HAHA, I said “radio”. How quaint.

Mastered – Pop

Pop, with that turn of phrase we all enjoy


Record/Mix – recorded live in studio  – 70s jazz exploratory

Remix – pop/R&B

Remix – proto EDM/80s synths

Doug Forman – Beautiful Girls – (mixing) Boston Rock & Roll

BIG BLUE WORLD –  agitate d’Love  – (recording, mixing, production)


agitate d’love was recorded over one weekend. The band was set up in one room – no isolation booths (including the lead vocal), no headphones .  all songs are a 1st or 2nd take (with one lone 3rd take).   guitar, percussion, backing vocals and keyboard overdubs were added

Interview/making of agitate d’Love – Nov 2018 Metronome Magazine

REVIEW:  agitate d’ Love –  25 MAY 2018





Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno – TIPONA  – Music from Kenya
mixing and mastering



Afro-Beat Malian grooves

Original tracks recorded in Mali by IJA band – youth from the Institute for the Blind in Bamako, capital of Mali in Western Africa. Tracks were mixed here at this studio


Gabrielle Agachiko   jazz vocal with 3 piece horn section all recorded live in studio

Ila MaWaNa   reggae/popbop (recording/mixing/production)

(pretty cool after dosing and stretching out…)

Sitting Ducks – 3 piece Blues/Rock


Mudville Madrigal Singers

10 Voice a cappella group,  5 women, 5 men

Jazz/Fusion – Recorded/mixed

Bed & Breakfast – Steve Cardoza

High Cascades – Steve Cardoza



Snort – math rock (mastering only)

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