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Recording/Engineering available for in-house studio, remote location or live sound. Prefer to record at 96/24 using Logic.

Ha! no such thing. Everything is negotiable




Doug Forman – Beautiful Girls – (mixing)

Play 1. Beautiful Girls - doug forman


BIG BLUE WORLD –  agitate d’Love  – (recording, mixing, production)


agitate d’love was recorded over one weekend. The band was set up in one room – no isolation booths (including the lead vocal), no headphones .  all songs are a 1st or 2nd take (with one lone 3rd take).   guitar, percussion, backing vocals and keyboard overdubs were added

(picture above is band in studio for this recording)




Rapasa – tipona  – Music from Kenya (mixing)



CURRENT LIVE SOUND –  2nd Saturday Oct-June
Crossroads Music Series, N. Andover, MA 

Next show: Saturday May 12  8pm

Patty Larkin  americana/guitarist/songwriter


Current Live Sound Mixes

Crossroads 2017-18 Season Samples 



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